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Titel / Title The Passenger II 
Label unsigned 
Total run time
28 min 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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RockīnīFuckingīRoll from Lucerne and now this is even true. When I saw the guys in 2010 at the Back to Rock Live festival, it was hard to determine what the guys really want to do with their music and so the audience, including me, wasnīt too ecstatic. However, in their defence, one has to add that the sound back then in the tent wasnīt the best, either.

The album Passenger II, which was already released in December last year, showcases now that the trio from I think the most beautiful town in Switzerland, has indeed quite a lot to offer. One also has to mention that the album, even though itīs published by the band itself, is of very high quality and with Roman Friedrich, they have found a producer that really knows his craft. Thus, it is one of the few self-produced records that is really top-notch.

Musically, Passenger II offers ten very eclectic and catchy songs. Thereīs certainly something on here for everyone. Riesen convinces with his very variable voice that has a high recognition value. Falling features a brilliant guitar part that all guitar lovers amongst you will enjoy. However, here and there, thereīs some fine-tuning missing when it comes to harmonising the single elements but I can only advise the guys to keep it rolling because I donīt know any other band with a similar sound in Switzerland. Way to go!

Sandy Mahrer

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