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Titel / Title Hymns from Riverland (promo) 
Label unsigned 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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As they say themselves, they are here on earth to save humankind from false metal (didn´t Manowar try to do just that years ago?), like for example death metal. Swärdh take you on a journey way beyond modern metal. Having read that, one thing´s for sure, I need to listen to this album with my own ears.

One thing is clear already before I press ´play´, those two guys have huge amounts of talent. While Pierre Longswordh is responsible for lead vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards and storytelling, Tron Battlefield takes care of bass lines, drums and backing vocals. Dragon slaying, however, is something that both do together.

Musically, the duo plays powermetal/metal. Apparently inspired by the screen incarnation of He-Man by their fellow country man Dolph Lundgren, many things center on stories of this comic character. But the band has way more to offer.

Vocally, there´s hardly anything I could criticise. Sometimes there are some wrong notes but let´s just assume that they were totally on purpose. The songs are all very different and here and there even amusing. But those who think that you can´t take their music serious are wrong because similar bands like Grailknights are way more successful than many other ´normal´ bands. So, let´s just be careful here.

Thus, I can only recommend to check out Swärdh because these Swedes have plenty of talent. At least they have found a new fan in me. Just awesome! You can listen to the songs on the band´s MySpace page (see link in the header).

Sandy Mahrer

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