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The Webb Sisters

Titel / Title Savages 
Label Proper Records 
Total run time
48 min 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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The new album by the Webb Sisters is titled Savages. The two sisters Charley and Hattie, hailing from the UK, are truly talented young ladies. Thus, they play most instruments on their album themselves and divide their singing parts skilfully. They combine pop with original British or US-American folk elements. The first three songs invite the listener to daydream and somehow remind of a soundtrack to a childrenīs movie. The title track Savages, however, is way faster and more pop. It really appears as if those two ladies can do it all, no matter if itīs producing the album or playing numerous instruments. Savages is an eclectic album, thatīs for sure, I think, however, that itīs not exactly the taste of many of you out there because it has a certain Country edge and itīs maybe a bit softer than what you usually listen to. BUT those of you who, every now and again, prefer some quiet and peaceful moments… why donīt you check out the two sisters. Even though itīs not really my cup of tea, itīs still a nice record with easy-going, enjoyable songs.

Sandy Mahrer

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