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Chrome Division

Titel / Title 3rd Round Knockout 
Label Nuclear Blast GmbH 
Total run time
42 min 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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This album must be every rocker´s dream come true. Dimmu Borgir fronter Shagrath finally returns with his other band, Chrome Division, after three long years. And the band sounds better than ever before. While Shagrath plays the guitar with Chrome Division, he leaves the vocal duties to a new member. A certain Pål „Athera“ Mathiesen, who was won over from the Norwegian thrash metal band Susperia, after Eddie Guz got kicked out due to poor dedication to the band.

Under the name Shady Blue, Mathiesen presents his true vocal powers on the new album 3rd Round Knockout. And one thing needs to be said, he really knows his craft – he puts his all in every single song and that with a lot of variation and with lots of dirt in his throat. With him, the band has definitely found the perfect guy for this job. The listener can expect true rocker attitude with all 10 songs on the album. Plus, the Norwegians deliver a brilliant, much faster cover of Johnny Cash´s Ghostrider in the Sky. That´s how rock music should sound like and thus, I think we have already found the heirs of Motörhead.

Sandy Mahrer

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