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Titel / Title With No Mercy 
Label Metal Age Productions 
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My girlfriend and I were wandering around one of Prague´s suburbs, looking for the train tracks as a point of reference. When I was talking, she stopped me- "Listen! Here comes the train!" I paused for a moment, listening. What sounded like an approaching train at first, melted into the sound of distant death metal. We searched around, looking for where the sound was coming from and we were led to an old, run down factory. Someone stepped out, saw us and invited us in.

What we saw was one of the Czech Republic´s sickest metal acts, Sepsis, putting the final touches on a video. The CD they gave me is definitely not the regular amateurish cheese I´ve been hearing from the local acts here lately - this stuff is fucking intense, like a swarm of angry hornets.

It´s almost 35 minutes of brutal, technical, guitar work, blast beats and some interesting tempo changes. The high points for me here are the songs Slayer´s Absolution and Tears Blood and Cry (I always love the way Czech is translated into something rough), the end instrumental seems a little out of place - a bit light compared to the previous half hour of head bludgeoning force.

Fans of Dying Fetus and Suffocation should enjoy this. While being my first exposure to this act, I look forward to seeing them perform in Zizkov at Kain on the 21st. This is the best over giant, super loud speakers, the kind that make the ground shake - and in this case, in trembling fear.

Lann Davis, transl. K. Gransalke

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