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Dark Tribe

Titel / Title Archaic Visions 
Label Black Hate 
Total run time
47 min 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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This is the third release by German Black Metal band Dark Tribe titled Archaic Visions, It came six years after their last output. That´s a pretty long time, especially when you realise that the first track on the new album continues the Forgotten One series from their 2002 debut „Geboren an den Ufern des Wahnsinns“ - even though it´s only used as an intro here.

Dark Tribe play very traditional Black metal. There´s hardly any innovation to be found anywhere. That´s of course, what they were going for but it´s very hard for me to not call this album boring, especially because of the songwriting skills. Alright, the songs do feature some variation but single elements (in particular the guitar work) keep on repeating themselves over and over again – that´s just plain dull. Here and there are some unexpected (but still highly anticipated) changes but even those seem to be on an infinite loop.

Even the most primitive ´true´ black metal could and can offer more. When Dark Tribe have some more ideas (like at the beginning of the second half), then they, at least, sound quite ok.

Recommended tracks:
The wrath of our tribe
Praying for salvation

1. Forgotten one: part III
2. When fear turns into hate
3. Children of forgotten times
4. I see the coldness in my eyes
5. Suicide is the light
6. Endless chains
7. Desperation
8. The wrath of our tribe
9. Praying for salvation
10. Die Sauenjagd Ihrer Majestät
11. Endless war
12. Denn Wir sind nicht Mensch

Andreas Fuchs

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