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Titel / Title Infected 
Label Nuclear Blast 
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After their last release „No Sacrifice, No Victory“ in 2009, which made it to the top of Swedish Rock and Metal charts, the kings of Power Metal are back. „Infected“, their eight studio album, takes Hammerfall into a new adventure, because after 10 years of cooperation with producer Charlie Bauernfeind, it´s Oskar Dronjak and Gitarrist Pontus Nogren who are responsible for the sound, supported by James Michael (Scorpions,Mötley Crüe).

With the first notes the fan will recognize the typical Hammerfall sound, those weird riffs as well as the heavy-beating drums – Hammerfall clearly kept their trademarks. Still they managed to include new elements.

Joacim Cans shows his incredibly powerful voice, but still he does not go so much into the higher registers, in comparison with previous albums, which I like much better and which adds a special element. „The Outlaw“ is pure ear candy, a song that will keep playing in your mental jukebox. The ballad „Send me a Sign“ is a welcome variation after four fast tracks, guitar and vocal parts are simply beautiful. Especially those vocal parts when Joacim sings in lower registers will give you a pleasant chill. „Infected“ - a great new Hammerfall release.

Sandy Mahrer

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