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Titel / Title Promo 2010 
Label Godz of War Productions 
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Some bands really put lots of effort into their promotion. This also is true for the Polish outfit Pandemonium, who produced a stylish digipack for a two-song promo, entitled simply „Promo 2010“. It contains two songs of the upcoming album „Misanthropy“, due in autumn 2011.
Apart from the two songs, the copy contains a bunch of videos with excerpts from various gigs and a video for a song called „Frost“. Even though neiter audio nor picture quality is perfect on those videos, they capture the atmosphere and brutality quite adequatly and that´s what counts in that case. You can clearly see, that the band is able to pull off live, what they have on CD thus clearly delivering a captivating live performance.
The Songs „Black Forest“ and „God Delusion“ are in the famous reign of god old Brutal Polish Death Metal blend with Black Metal. Judging from what I can say after only two songs and the live material, they´re presenting a nicely varied mix of the aforementioned genres with a slightly progressive touch - so absolutely nothing bad. The overall atmosphere is, who would´ve expected that, dark, doomy and pretty intense. The only thing that´s disturbing me a little bit is the vocalist (growls), but that´s a matter of taste I guess, the screams that appear inbetween the growls from time to time sound really evil and add this black metallic touch to the whole mix.

All in all, this band delivered a convincing Promo and concept and proves that they´re one topnotch underground act, the live impression was also good, so I can say, that their full-length album, due in autumn, is something to look forward to.

Cornelia Wickel

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