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Titel / Title Breathe Fire To The Sun 
Label Spinefarm 
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Finland seems to bring forth an awful lot of Pagan Metal bands recently, as also Brymir can be located somewhere between Ensiferum and Turisas, plus a good dose of classical and Folk music and the epic keyboard/synth sound of a Black Metal band. And for some strange reason I feel occasionally reminded of Blind Guardian, too….

Another strange thing is that looking back I consider the first track ”Unconquerable” as the weakest on the CD – too much like Turisas, a Speed-Metal orgy plus too-earcandy-kitschy chorus, which leads to a pretty plain impression. What a pity, because the combination of growls and clean vocals works nicely here and could have been used more often. Otherwise Brymir focus on growls with a (washy) choir in chorus parts or in the background. ”In Silence” with a dose of Goth (violin) has hit potential, as well as the heavy ”Withering Past” - here the talent of the band shines through, when they unite catchy tunes, folk-instruments and brutal Metal attitude effortlessly. Also reducing speed a bit becomes them, e.g. ”A Free Man´s Path”, or the tight ”Ragnarök” which offers some Finnish lyrics. ”Burning Within” is one of those Speed attacks but still gets a bit boring, or just because of that. Rather Black-Metal-ish are ”Retribution” and the title track, with dramatic-aggressive appeal – and this indeed becomes Brymir and could be developed further.

Summing up, this debut CD is definitely a good one and can be recommended to Pagan fans without hesitation. I personally still miss the Brymir-trademark here, but it seems the band is on the best way to get there.

Klaudia Weber

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