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Titel / Title Cinematic 
Label Lebowski 
Total run time
66:51 min. 
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From Poland comes a release - highly praised and acclaimed by the press and media - called "Cinematic" - "music to a nonexistent movie." The band: Lebowski from Szczecin. The graphic, photographic and typographic very professional and lovely designed CD-cover including a bilingual booklet in Polish and English looks a little like caught in a melancholic twilight between day and night. The music, however - well, sounds very melodious and harmonic.

It is hard to push Lebowski's music clearly into a specific direction. A type of ground substance of progressive rock mixed with jazz structures, reminiscent of Ralf Illenberger or Friedemann Witecka, what means with guitar-oriented, to harmonious songwriting-based fusion, entertaining, non-aggressive and, in fact, even by the almost entirely instrumental character generating “images in the mind”. Here and there some snippets of voice-collages taken from original movies are strewed inside; Polish, French and English. There are also vocals by Katarzyna Dziubak that invoke particular in the second track an Indic ethnic impression.

Despite all that the sounds seem old-fashioned and nostalgic in some way, perhaps because of the tranquillity and the well-tempered melodies. These sounds could more fit to a film from the 80s. One could assume that the musicians themselves grew up with music by Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Yes, Maurice Jarre or Vollenweider. Lebowski´s music seems to be less a soundtrack for an upcoming movie, but rather a historical kaleidoscope of cinematic associations.

Due to the lack of contrast, dissonance and sharpness the album may at first seem a little flat, a little too smooth and too clean. In particular, since the expression by the entire album is very homogeneous throughout and provides no change in mood or the impression of a so to say dramatic "invisible" movie. However, noticeable indeed how meticulously the band since 2005 has worked on their debut, how sophisticated they have polished on the individual instrument parts and how it ultimately succeeded, in the end to build a very unique atmospheric/spheric content.

That this music is not intended as pure studio album, shows just now the beginning concert tour through Poland, during which "Cinematic" will experience "life on stage" a visualization.

1. Trip to Doha - 5:40
2. 137 sec. - 7:11
3. Cinematic - 7:41
4. Old British Spy Movie - 5:10
5. Iceland - 7:12
6. Encore - 6:07
7. Aperitif for Breakfast (O.M.R.J) - 6:06
8. Spiritual Machine - 6:54
9. Storyteller (Svensson) - 6:38
10. Human Error - 7:58

Marcin Grzegorczyk - guitars
Marcin Luczaj - synths
Marek Zak - bass
Krzysztof Pakula - drums

Guest artist:
Katarzyna Dziubak - vocals, violin

Andreas Torneberg

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