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Titel / Title Hated 
Label Metal Blade Records 
Total run time
37 min 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Even though Sister haven shaken up the Swedish rock scene for a long time, at the latest since their 2008 tour they managed to make a name for themselves in countries like Norway, Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland, too. In a live setting, they have always been entertainers with heart and soul – full of power and with very chaotic stage antics. Pure rock´n´roll feeling already back then.

In 2009, Sister published their EP Deadboys Making Noise with seven tracks, in 2011 the Swedes give us their first full-length album titled Hated. On it, the listener can enjoy a perfect mix of punk, glam, rock and metal. From start to finish, energetic songs that make you want to headbang and shout along. The music brilliantly harmonises with the vocals. Singer Jamie brings in his full vocal power and thus, makes for a listening experience of a special kind. On the record, you will also find a track, which was already released in 2009, Too Bad For You. For this song, the band has even shot a video and you can check it out on the band´s website. To round off an awesome album, Sister have also added a heartfelt ballad, Would You Love a Creature – a welcome change and a very beautiful track.

So, I´m not surprised that Metal Blade have put all their hopes into this „newcomer“. If I had a record label, I would definitely sign the guys. With them everything just fits: cool music, cool voice and cool style.

Sandy Mahrer

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