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Titel / Title Confessions of a Nice Girl 
Label Cold River Records 
Total run time
45:11 min. 
Vö/Release06 / 06 / 2011 
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While listening with German ears here in Europe to an album like this from Katie Armiger could be said quickly, "oh, yes, very American" (meaning with sympathy). Very professional, perfectly produced, talented voice and and songwriting that is exactly the point. They have made their music in the country area, but this doesn’t work as a correct description for all the versatility Katie offers - anyway, it’s pretty rockin' entertainment. Not spectacular, no, they didn´t drove on a revolutionary new rail. But this young lady from Houston, Texas, does everything perfect and just really "nice", though each song inspires this feeling, "hm, that sounds like ..." However, that´s for pop lovers with a great affection for American country-music for the coming summer - snappy, fresh with the right feeling for melody recognition.

Katie's voice is remarkably mature and sound very confident. You can feel she is on the ball. When she was 14 years old, she has participated in Houston's Best Country Singer competition and drove home the first prize. What in this record - 5 years later - is fun, the variety of the songs. There is none like the others. "Best Song Ever" and "Kiss Me Now" start moderately vigorous and rockin´, followed by "That's Why" with slower midtempo and by "Nice Girl" which creates a real earworm. "Cry Cry Cry, " as it should be, is melancholy and beautifully made. The blend of spirited and subdued songs is excellent. Discreet and stylish are violins, piano and 12-string woven into the songs. Generally plays the acoustic instrumentation an important role. The musicians who support Katie in her “solo” work, make their part first class.

With all the praise, one thing has not become so ideal: the cover design. So sweet and corny, that I was afraid at first, it might be cheap Softpop from the machine of randomness. Even if it might have been meant to be funny, the cover can´t keep up with the acoustic quality that's inside. For future production it could be helpful only by working on a more individual profile, on a Katie Armiger sound that adds a certain amount of uniqueness. Perhaps it is impossible in this genre to sound really inimitable, but you could try to work on it - to the question, "hm, that sounds like ..." to get the answer "yes, like Katie Armiger."

1. Best Song Ever
2. Kiss Me Now
3. That's Why
4. Nice Girl
5. Cry Cry Cry
6. Ain't Gonna Happen
7. I Will Be
8. Scream
9. Ain't So Sweet
10. Can You Handle It
11. Leaving Home
12. Can't Keep Myself From Loving You
13. Strong Enough

Andreas Torneberg

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