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Raggedy Angry

Titel / Title How I Learned To Love Our Robot Overlords  
Label Synthetic Sounds / Danse Macabre Records  
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 

Next to the record of iVardensphere, the Canadian label "Synthetic Sounds" has also sent us the latest disc of Raggedy Angry, entitled "How I Learned To Love Our Robot Overlords". Here, a sticker points out the involvement of producer Dave "Rave" Ogilvie and big names such as Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson are brought into play.

Due to these references, you could think that the disc of Raggedy Angry should please me more than the one of iVardensphere - but far from it! You could strike out the first two names right away `cause you will figure out quite fast that Raggedy Angry obviously have no other "source of inspiration" than Marilyn Manson, to say it in a nice way.

And this kind of inspiration is actually quite uninspired, especially due to the fact that the original itself comes off as ridiculous for nearly a decade now. Presumably, to make the whole thing a bit more up to date, some industrial sounds were added, too. You know, this kind of industrial sounds which are very hip at the moment - and quite annoying as well. So you can directly fast-forward to song number 5 without hesitation `cause before "Sick Thoughts" there is nothing to listen to, except shoutings and dissonant sounds. These two factors are also the reason why the song "Fire Engine Red" is kind of ruined although the vocals on this fourth song are actually quite good.

With song number 5, the already mentioned "Sick Thoughts", comes the first positive surprise and maybe here you can hear a little bit of Nine Inch Nails and even a bit of Slipknot. "My Escape" follows the same path even though the influence of Marilyn Manson becomes stronger again, next to some inspirations of KoRn. With a bit too much of screaming ends "Take Me Home" but apart from that, this song isn`t bad either.

After these three rays of hope it goes downwards again. Mister Marilyn Manson is omnipresent as well as screaming and too many (unnecessary) sound experiments like "The game console is broken!" Of course, there has to be also a track with the title "Get F**ked": And wherever the self-proclaimed "Lord of Fuck" is praised almost continuously, these certain F words can`t be missed either. Then, "Assimilate" and "Robot Love" guide us to a total different direction which is typical American "Happy Radio Pop Rock". Untolerable!

Maybe the band has something to say but from a musical point of view, all this stuff is more than stale and in this case quite uninspired as well. So, instead of copying someone who has become more or less a caricature of himself, the quartet from Ontario should try to find its own musical identity.

Stefanie Singh

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