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Titel / Title Vision 
Label Fresch 
Total run time
74:43 min. 
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FRƎSCH with the inverted E is a folk band from Austria that makes very nice, quiet, acoustic music, based on three guitars. The music is calm, but so little it suits to be background music, too sophisticated and refined every single song is detailed in its soundscape. Not suitable as a backdrop on the car radio, even as sprinkling in the MP3 player. These sounds are for the one who takes the time and inclination really to listen.

The first song "Homeless passenger" might most likely satisfy the classic folk-music-lover à la Simon&Garfunkel in American tendency, followed by the purely acoustic, about 7 minutes long “Bergluftkristall” with its delicately vibrant, filigree structure for those who are drawn into the spherical parts of the early Vollenweider. The third piece "Brothers" tends in its style to the Anglo-Celtic corner of "folk music". This and the subsequent "Sonnenfeuerglanz" integrates the bizarre overtone singing of Robert Polsterer, whose CD of the "umnachter project" has been reviewed here earlier.

Each song develops its own statement and is performed by the three guitarists Eric Esch Schacherl, Robert Polsterer and Sascha Esters with a variety of playing styles, with energy and always with outstanding craftsmanship. The band acts as a collective in which each of the three also remarkable solo musicians on one hand free space is offered, which flows otherwise to a common interaction.

The titles of the songs refer in their poetic way to the zones from which the band gets their spirit: the mountains and scenic regions of their country, so that their music inspired by it truly as a "Folk Music" is to be described, although the word here is interpreted specific and expanding. The question that arises in conclusion, if it would be not appealing to incorporate instead of the continously used English language maybe some native-language lyrics inside, to create a contrast with the region's own tongue against the allegedly imprint of to sound international.

1. Homeless Passenger
2. Bergluftkristall
3. Brothers
4. Sonnenfeuerglanz
5. Send Me a Light / Being Drunk
6. Lost In Time
7. Streams of Silver Rain
8. ‘s fliaßt
9. I am Here
10. Klangperlengewitter
11. Visions
12. Schmetterlingskuss

Andreas Torneberg

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