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Titel / Title Phoenix Arising 
Label Monster Artists / Soulfood Music 
Total run time
33:37 min. 
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The Berlin 5-member band has burned 10 each 3-minute rock songs on a disc. To finance the debut they played in the streets and shopping centers. So much targeted initiative is welcome, and now a label and a promotion company are gone up to help the project forward. 2010 participated the boys on stage at one of the biggest rock festival in Asia "Java Rockinland".

What comes from the speakers, has a clear mixed sound, punchy and crisp. The tunes are going well and glide on the soap-slippery highway "danceable, fast pop-rock". It is a party, neither rebellious nor with harshness or experiments. They want a good time, fun and success - to be understood also in Indonesia, for example - the whole thing in English. Although the musicians are so young, they are very well playing together - including polyphonic singing - and since the foundation in 2006, there a lot of experiences are already behind them.

The music on the car radio could increase by lowering the fuel consumption the engine power which comes from the fact that the foot kicks on the gas pedal, moved by the dynamic wish to dance. Even long-distance truck drivers should possibly give this music a chance instead to drink the eighteenth coffee to stay awake. However, although the tunes are served as energetic and sympathetic as they are, still lacks a certain originality.

Even the songs do not create any fat and are offered jiggy and exciting, but they donīt particularly differ much from each other, neither in structure nor in the melodies, so that a humming, a recognition, a catchy does not really exist. The only piece that is slightly different is "Do not say a word," because itīs rather calm and acoustic and integrates a female voice. Therefore - if you should hear a song once on the radio - almost uncertain is the impulse like "wouw! which band was that?".

But it can still grow. Talent is there, both on the instruments and the clear, strong vocals which currently sometimes sounds a little strained. In the future it would be nice if Not Called Jinx would write music where every song has its own character, and the band gets itself a face, a kind of uniqueness, and an own "sound mark" could develope.

01. new beginnings
02. aim & fire
03. dance with me
04. i.c.u.r.a.q.t.
05. i believe
06. don’t say a word
07. mayday
08. gravity
09. the deal
10. phoenix arising

Kilian Peters - Lead Vocals
Adrian Tschoepke - Guitar & Vocals
Tommy Kosslick - Guitar & Vocals
Irzan „Ichan” Raditya - Bass
Vincent Petsch - Drums

Andreas Torneberg

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