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Titel / Title Amsterdamn-Hellsinki 
Label Listenable Records 
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Sometimes it´s really amazing what that Mr. Tägtgren has time for to do. Whilst just in the process of working on the new Pain album, he, apparently found some spare minutes to produce the record of a newcomer. Attention people, here´s the biggest natural spectacle that humankind has ever seen. Tornado – that´s the name of the fivesome whose members hail from Holland, the US and Finland. And their different home countries was probably also what inspired them to call their debut Amsterdamn-Hellsinki. The record also features some well-known faces like Juhana ´Starvin Marvin´ Karlsson (regular member) as well as Ben Varon and Pekka Johansson (all from the Finnish band Amoral). On top of it, some might know singer Superstar Joey Severance from one or the other tour because, for years, he´s been working as a tour manager.

The guys play awesome old school thrash that, instrumentally, is very sophisticated. Vocally, though, there is still room for improvement but otherwise Mr. Superstar does a great job. Here and there, however, there is, for my taste, a little bit too much chaos but that´s probably how thrash should sound like anyway. I´m just not sure if thrash is really that ´popular´ at the moment but I still hope that the guys and their debut album will find favour with lots of people. If you want to know how it sounds like when you cross Slayer and Mötley Crüe, just check out this link:

Sandy Mahrer

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