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The Search

Titel / Title The Silverslut 2000 - 2002 
Label Afmusic 
Web www.myspace.com/thesearchsweden
Total run time
116 min. 
Vö/Release28 / 06 / 2011 
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In Uppsala, Sweden, the band THE SEARCH had produced in the years 2000 to 2002 under the name The Silverslut six EPs on their own and in small editions. Despite the name change, these discs are the first releases in the chronicle of this band. In autumn will come a new official album on the market, but until then they have taken all this “historical” stuff and offer a compilation from the 06/28/2011 at the known online stores and at afmusic for download.

This purely numerical massive collection of ideas and sounds border on creative genius. In these songs are hidden so many references from the 80s and 90s, used by folk to rock to pop, but at the same time been transferred in such an original way to the present time that it is a pleasure to browse through this "anthology". Basically, always a feeling of melancholy hovers through all tracks. And despite the trendy nature of entertainment each and every song owns a special kind of depth. On the one hand, the surface is touched, on the other it doesn´t stay superficial, but penetrates through the skin.

This is due to an excellent sense of melody and relaxed, yet varied song structure in which electronic components ideally meet real strings, basses, electric guitars as well as acoustic ingredients, and due to a talented singer to sing his own way with some relationship to Mike Scott of the Waterboys, occasionally even reminiscent of Bono (U2). By the pronounced use of analog synthesizers a kind of transposition of a nostalgic earlier decades spirit into the 21st Century associates with a touch of humor, rebelliousness and depression.

Amazingly, despite the diversity a homogeneous arc is build which gives already in these "early days" great originality and distinctiveness to the band. Anyone interested in atmospheric, intelligent pop, should definitely listen here carefully. All this could also British, Irish or Scottish to be, but Britannia has been populated by Scandinavians before the Romans invaded and abolished the standing stones, right?

1. I saw the light
2. Icewoman
3. Let me see your arms stretch out
4. Come lie next to me
5. Underwater cheek to cheek
6. Night friends
7. A young open wound
8. Juno
9. The search for a meaningful existence
10. Squeeze me like a snake
11. Natasja scotch
12. Quash
13. Badass salty
14. Them panties
15. Dick fire
16. Travolta
17. Me and ritva and some cheap scotch
18. Boken
19. Do you wanna go out?
20. Steel wall baby
21. A midnight date
22. Chloë
23. Sunset park
24. Surrogat
25. What the fuck
26. Razmigs nya
27. Min bottenvåning
28. Blend
29. Bizmylla jive
30. Press my hand
31. Barbara
32. My kiss cucumber
33. Margaret
34. Infection
35. Autofellatio

Andreas Torneberg

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