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Titel / Title Antiheld 
Label Rookies&Kings  
Total run time
36:42 min. 
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Are you up for punk-rock? From Frankfurt am Main, Germany - emotional, straightforward and direct. Entertaining without becoming flat. Fat guitar rock with German lyrics whose singalong qualities work while the choruses on familiar territory: SERUM 114, the drug of Kubrick´s "Clockwork Orange" has become a band, but an anti-hero-medicine that does not lull, but pinch. This drives fresh and powerful, and from the countless live performances by the band in recent years it feels real.

Snotty defiant music directly from the streets of the Republic that hits the nerve of the genre; nevertheless, it produces no surprises, what they may not want to - although ... isn´t the anti-hero not one who his opinion rub unkonform at corners and creates the expectation of irritating deviant mirror image? Thus seen, maybe Serum 114 could musically more produce deviation from the expected standard punk rock norm. The melodies are catchy, almost well-known, but exactly this is necessary to join in the celebrations, a clear message to party, protest and Pogo.

Lyrically, it is more diverse. "The city that we love," a track that starts with a cool duo of electric guitar/vocals is a love letter to their home town, with which they feel connected despite the dirt and negativity. Followed by a rather introspection, "I´m so" (one might add in parenthesis " I am"); musically less punk, more rock unto grunge. Which meets on classic resistance poses like "Hang them higher," the battle song against the abuse of wealth and power. "Smashing, roar and away" is self-explanatory.

Nice cover by the way, somewhere between urban graffiti and a morbid comic. Jiggy music born of a dedicated attitude to life, what strikes particularly in today´s time of consume, convenience and shallow attitudes another nerve of many. Even if it all sounds honest and is may be connected authentically to the lives of the boys who had also once to stand up from a knockout again and it was not easy - but it would be exciting in any way to carve a sharper profile in the stone of their tunes.

1. Die Stadt die wir lieben
2. Ich bin so
3. Immer gleich
4. Alphatier 2.0
5. Hängt sie höher
6. Angst
7. Brüllen, zertrümmern und weg
8. Dummer Junge
9. Gegen den Wind
10. Viel zu lange hier

Andreas Torneberg

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