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Titel / Title Dream On Dreamy 
Label Afmusic 
Web www.myspace.com/degreestranas
Total run time
52:45 min. 
Vö/Release24 / 05 / 2011 
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Tranås. A small town in the Swedish province of Småland. There dwell Mikael Jacobson and Rickard Folke, and together under the project name Degrees they compose music that is from the bustling label Afmusic declared as "catchy-fluffy, relaxed indie pop." A term that at first might suggest rather light entertainment fare. But what the two guys show as their full-lenght debut is far more than that!

Here two worlds like to meet: epic, poetic melancholy that seems to be related to similar plaintive, north spheres like from Sigur Ros, with dancing, reveling pop rhythms like in the works of Barclay James Harvest in the direction of "Hymn", enriched with a little drive from the early days of the Pet Shop Boys. The sprawling songs of the bright, clear voice offers soaring, melodious tunes and develop with the rest of the psychedelic instrumentation of polyphonic synthesizers, electric guitars and electronic programming to a since long time missed shiny beauty. The percussion is driving the adaptive walk through the gardens of sound. A fine sense of two musicians avoids lapsing into kitsch. This music has a kind of inner light.

Songs for relaxing and daydreaming in a minor key, beautiful, but also a little sad. Not as dark as at Fever Ray, not as danceable as The Knife, somehow the process of developing its own cosmos which has a certain nostalgic feel. Even though the songs are similar in style - and in the course of the album a thrown listener could hardly say in which track he is currently located - there is no boredom, but rather gives the impression as a suite, in which the individual sentences belong together and form a unit. Instead of the English language, the Swedish production could be even more specific. These are fascinating tunes.

01. The Great Big Void 05:51
02. Oakland Mountain High 04:17
03. Boys of Distortion 05:22
04. Beach_Loveison 05:44
05. At Least Rock & Roll Won’t Leave A Hole In My Back 06:25
06. Idiot Dreaming 07:50
07. A New Dawn Fades, A New Dawn Waits 06:20
08. Roads Again 05:31
09. Dream On Dreamy 06:02

Andreas Torneberg

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