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Galaxy Safari

Titel / Title Time for you to leave 
Label Granat Records, DFR/Musichelp 
Total run time
35 min 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 

It seems to be the year of the Swedes. Unbelievable, what especially Swedish bands have already released this year. Awesome albums through and through and Galaxy Safari´s Time For You To Leave is now part of that collection, too.

The band hailing from Nykpöping published their debut album, Star Of The Masquerade, in January of last year and with it, won high praises by the press. Now it was time for the highly anticipated follow-up album. On it, the fivesome deliver Stoner Rock at its finest. Altogether the album features 12 interesting and very versatile songs. Therefore, it wouldn´t be surprising if bands like Foo Fighters soon would scramble to get them as a support.

Even though Jesper Nyberg doesn´t really have a distinctive tone to his voice, he still sounds very pleasant throughout all of the 12 songs. Especially the quieter song, Some Day, shines with its emotional vocal passages.

It´s a great, second album that easily dwarves the debut album. However, similar to their first album, also this record, despite its considerable number of songs, lasts only 35 minutes. Maybe next time, the guys will put still more songs on the album, so that the listener will be entertained for at least an hour.

Sandy Mahrer

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