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Rain Of Acid

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Rain Of Acid from Vaasa, founded in 2008, are another talented band from Finland one should keep an eye (and ear, or both of them) on. Their (self-released) debut Lost Souls is one of those albums that donīt lose their appeal after listening to them more often (and I bet, you WILL listen to it more often than once). Simply because thereīs the focus on heavy drums + riffs, hautingly beautiful melodies with a touch of Finnish folklore, contrasted with rough growls, a wide song-structural range, from blast beats to ballads - and just the "right" mixture of all those ingredients.

The foursome starts off with a touch of Metal-core (Stone) as well as clean vocals, which sound a bit undecisive, though, "should I scream or should I sing?" Well, in my opinion SING, with some more courage, because it sounds pretty good... But no more Core, then it rather represents "Gothenburg sound", like In Flames at "Jester/Clayman" times, or Soilwork - and some echo of Before The Dawn in Morbid Curiosity or Rain (one of my faves).
Apropos, this "warm" guitar sound, this occasional crystal clear "longing-lonely" solo guitar - NO, itīs not reckless plagiarism, itīs the master himself who lent a hand to strings and some additional keyboard - and also acted as producer: Tuomas Saukkonen (Before The Dawn, Black Sun Aeon). No wonder thereīs hardly anything to complain about. Except - the The End, a bit too simplistic (musically and lyrically) in my opinion - a thrashy track that surely works good live, but sounds a bit too repetitive on CD. Still, a great overall impression.

Klaudia Weber

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