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Titel / Title Ultrawired: Pirate Ketaware for the TLC generation 
Label Dope Stars Inc. 
Total run time
50:41 min. 
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One of the contemporary most exciting albums is: the new "Ultrawired" by the Dope Stars Inc. And not just because of the music. The Italian band has already with its predecessor, "21st Century Slave" demonstrated the popular fusion of guitar-enriched rock with electronic elements and programming and has created a very own, driving, funky sound. "Ultrawired" is an evolution and has risen to an even more individual form - punky, sharp, fast, danceable. And, great, it becomes better the more you listen (loud)!

Interesting are i.a. the fat, polyphonic, deep-bass-heavy synth sounds that seem to be on the one hand related with the dance tunes of the 80s, but blow away emerging nostalgia so massively that the next reminiscence could be born inside an action computer game. Victor Love from Rome, who has his fingers on several mixers of other productions, writes everything for the vocals&lyrics as well for all instruments (except the acoustic drums), and he does the recording, mixing&mastering and production by himself, without making the influences of a record company or a producer's irritating to come in between.

He recognizes the signs of the times: using already existing sound structures, he transportates them by the developed technology and actual Zeitgeist to the next level. The history is now. Additionally he is aware that in the era of networking and excessive downloads the survival of a rock band requires a revision of the distribution system, a change in thinking. And therefore:


But he counts on enough enthusiasm and responsibility on the side of the fans that they help through a support system or through optional record purchases and merchandising their band; so to speak, pay what you want, not what you as usual have to. The disc is worth it. For those interested in hard dance music which finds it exciting to combine electronics with rock `n 'roll, and thus to become a kind of Electro-Punk or Metal-Pop should definetely listen!

But - as mentioned above - not only the music has plenty to offer. The Dope Stars Inc. observe their environment and integrated in their lives, and therefore in their music, a “worldview” that face up critically of the global sell-by fat cats and corporations. It has to be recommended on the following YouTube video for the current song "Banksters":

But they have a hope. The song "We Are The New Ones" explains that a counter-flow can be done by the new generation, which is interlinked with each other and always communicate with each other. Quoting "Dope Stars Inc. manifesto": "Never accept, never conform, never disconnect." And, "be extraordinary, be ultrawired". The rebellion in the social networks ... has begun?

1. Better Not to Joke
2. Save the Clock Tower
3. Cracking the Power
4. Banksters
5. Lies Irae
6. Blackout
7. Get Young
8. No Life Belongs to You
9. Two Dimensional World
10. Run Motherfucker Run
11. Pwning the Network
12. We Are the New Ones
13. Riding Ufos
14. Thru the Never

Dope Stars Inc. are:
Victor Love: Producer, Vocals, Guitars, Synthesizers, Drum Machine
Fabrice La Nuit: Guitars
Darin Yevonde: Bass
Ash Rexy: Keyboards
Mark Mad Honey: Acoustic Drums

Andreas Torneberg

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