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Titel / Title A Journey into the inside of things, just known from the outside 
Label FinestNoise, Radar 
Total run time
54 min 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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A Journey Into The Inside Of Things, Just Know From The Outside – thatīs the title of the new album by Perlaine who formed from another band called Sunburn. And, indeed, the making of the album was a journey, a long journey. In 2008, musicians of the band Sunburn entered the studio to record a new album. The album was finished by the end of the year but the band wasnīt happy. Thus, the guys hit the studio again to re-record the whole album. However, several interruptions like line-up changes and empty bank accounts can be made responsible for the fact that, till this day, the album hasnīt seen the light of day. And so, because of all those complications and also changes in the sound, the band decided to start from scratch under the name Perlaine.

A Journey Into… is hard to categorise. Maybe one could put it to the genres Alternative, Pop or something similar? The first song, anyway, called Amelie, is not really my personal favourite – it sounds flat and music and vocals donīt really harmonise with each other. Even though, the music then gets a bit more rock-y and faster, Iīm still not convinced because the compositions are rarely really good. Here and there, there are some nice and interesting guitar parts but thereīs absolutely no harmony anywhere. Personally, I miss some versatility with the songs and so after a few songs itīs inevitable, I am bored.

So, only those who like Alternative Rock should poke their ears into some songs by Perlaine and judge themselves whether they like it or not.

Sandy Mahrer

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