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Titel / Title 999 
Label Rockville / Soulfood  
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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It´s always an interesting affair with those hyped super groups - a large image campaign is often followed by just an average album. It hasn´t turned out that bad in REDEEM´s case but they cannot meet all expectations either. Now let´s start from the beginning: Instrumentally, the band is doing quite many things right; the guitar sound is full of power, the riffs sound very mature and eclectic and showcase a high musical know-how of the guys. There are some tempo changes, some classic melodic guitar tracks and lots more of the stuff that keeps the listener at it for a while – there is some serious boom behind it! However, this is not the case all the way through 999, now and then it unfortunately falls flat and sounds a bit mainstream (for example some passages with “Broken” or “The Lesson”). This has something to do with one or the other stereotype riff in connection with the vocals, which are sadly sometimes also going into the very same direction. Helpful would be a fourth deeper with the vocals and less influence from my beloved rock faction (if it is really supposed to be catchy rock). In addition, the record could have needed a bit more power, soundwise. Bottom line: "999" is only suitable for fans of Nickelback and Creed, the broad mass of metal fans will have a hard time to find anything enjoyable here – there is lots of room for improvement left.

Markus Seibel, transl. Tatjana Ziegler

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