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Titel / Title Abandon All 
Label Spinefarm Records 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Abandon All is, according to the band info, the last part of an album trilogy that began with the 2006 debut Quantum Holocaust World Domination. The band responsible for that, Medeia, I have come across quite often already. Thus, the played on several, bigger festival stages (Finnish Metal Expo, Tuska Festival) and also, in the year 2008, as support for The Dillinger Escape Plan. With every performance I wondered, though, how the band managed to get that slot. Over and over again they left me pretty unimpressed. Alright then, maybe Iīm a bit negatively biased but everyone deserves a second chance.

And the opener track We All Fail sounds really cool, I must say. Massive guitars, fat production, evil growls – the apocalypse is nigh. In between there are some female, angel-like vocals which are in stark contrast to the rest of the music and might represent the last tiny bits of hope in a lost world? Be it as it may, until the fifth songs everything sounds as if it were just one single song, then follows The Burning. This track (by far the best) borrows maybe a bit from Swallow the Sun and itīs exactly here where you can actually hear something of the listed keyboard, especially with the 2,5 minute intro. After this musical high point, itīs business as usual with the rest of the record. The band also shows lots of “creativity” with the, well, letīs call it choruses, which often consist of the song title that is growled as often as possible.

Already in 2008 I said that maybe itīd simply take a bit more keyboard and female vocals to make this sound a bit more memorable (as it already does with The Burning and The Undistinguished Name). But I seem to be the only one with that opinion as many of my colleagues gave Abandon All way more positive reviews. I, personally, will probably never become a fan of that band but, well, I donīt have to.

Kathleen Gransalke

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