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Titel / Title Season 3 
Label Daily Rock Records 
Total run time
46 min 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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With Season 3 the Swiss of November-7 release their first full-length studio album and it is really something. Slowly but surely, also music from Switzerland is qualitatively getting better and better. With their mix of metal and electro and very melodic vocal influences, the band heavily reminds of bands like Within Temptation and Evanescence. Vocally, Annemarie can´t yet reach those two frontladies but that doesn´t mean that she left me with a bad impression. Her voice just lacks that certain recognition value of her two colleagues.

Musically, the production is top-notch, guitar-based songs supported by orchestral arrangements and electro influences, paired with Annemarie´s melodic vocals provide lots of variety. Most songs are up-tempo and have lots of power but the band has more quiet sounds on offer, too. And so, song number five, titled Nowhere, is exactly at the right place – in the middle of the album. All in all, a really great album that you should definitely check out if you have the chance. Seems like there is some talent hidden in Switzerland after all.

Sandy Mahrer

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