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Brendan Keeley

Titel / Title …at last! 
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According to the press release, Brendan Keeley is one of the most successful Irish singer/songwriter. In his home country, he collects gold and platinum records like other people collect stamps. It wouldn`t surprise me as " last!", his so far most successful record in Ireland, offers nothing but very ordinary Radio Pop Rock. Or in other words: This is exactly the reason why I stopped listen to the radio many, many years ago, back when I was still living in Germany. In Finland, there is at least "Radio Rock" - and this radio station definitely wouldn`t play Brendan Keeley. Don`t get me wrong: For what he does, Brendan Keeley does it well. He does it with passion and he touches many hearts out there with his songs. You have to acknowledge that, without question. But from the musical point of view, his songs are too faceless in my opinion. Cheerful Radio Pop Rock alternates with mostly kitschy ballads and even during the third run of the record, I every now and then forget to really listen to it. In colloquial language it`s called "elevator music", I think. Only the last track "Miss You Tonight" attracts my attention for a short moment, reminding me that there is indeed a disk running in the stereo to be reviewed. The reason: The ballad has some additional female vocals. A variation in the monotony - but in the end there is nothing that one hasnīt heard a thousand times before elsewhere. It`s a pity, really!

Stefanie Singh

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