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Titel / Title In the mist of morning 
Label Karisma Records 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Coming to the point right away, in my opinion this CD sounds a lot better than many others who sail under the "atmospheric" flag. You better do not expect rough Metal stuff, the CD keeps within the boundaries of this Symphonic Progressive-Rock genre, which was conquered by Pink Floyd and made accessible for the consumer masses. Nothing like "musical fast food" - the basic mood is melancholic, but not as depressive as the Brits.

Another Rock/Pop classic comes to mind - Daniel´s voice sounds sometimes like Supertramp, and occasionally I have to think of Peter Gabriel - but that´s pretty much all of possible comparisons. Nordagust (= the spirit of the north wind, according to Norwegian myth) stick to this 70s Classic Rock touch, featuring long songs and soli. One track named Forcing is purely instrumental and one of the highlights of this CD. Just like Pagan bands, “Nordagust” include a large number of traditional folk instruments: On “In The Mist Of Morning” you find Kantele, Dulcimer, Mandolin, Sallowflute, Mouthharp, Conch, Accordion and Bells topped off by the rather un-traditional use of Saw, Grindstone, Kettles, Barrels, Axe and Hammers. However, I could not identify the parts where those were used...

Summing up - whoever longs for good old Pink Floyd or wishes to wallow in Norwegian Fjords and snow fields (musically), should grab this one.

The band:
Daniel “Solur” Solheim: Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards
Ketil Armand “Bergur” Berg: Drums, Percussion
Knud “Strandur” Strand: Bass & Business
Jostein Aksel Skjønberg: Keyboards & Guitar
Guro Elvik Strand: Guitar & Keyboards

Klaudia Weber

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