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Cult Of Erinyes

Titel / Title A Place To Call My Unknown 
Label Les Acteurs de Līombre (LADLO) Productions 
Total run time
47 min 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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The Erinyes – in Greek mythology, they are female chthonic deities of vengeance, Alecto ("the unceasing anger"), Megaera ("the jealous one"), and Tisiphone ("the avenging murder") in the world of Black Metal, they are the name givers for the Belgian band Cult of Erinyes featuring the three musicians Corvus (guitar, bass, keyboard), Mastema (vocals) and Baal (drums).

That the album A Place To Call My Unknown is their debut (the EP Golgotha aside), which was recorded only a year after forming the band, you canīt really notice. On the contrary, this record teems with ideas, variety and eclecticism. There are songs on here offering everything you could need, ultra-fast blast (A Thousand Torments, Velvet Oppression); pretty quiet interludes (Permafrost, Thou Art Not), hypnotising mid-tempo (Black Eyelids) and, most notably, epic sounding tracks, in which all of the above and a bit more comes together (Call No Truce, Insignificant, Island, Last Light Fading). Similarly eclectic are the vocals of Mastema; mostly and appropriately for Black Metal, they are quite clearly scolding, often way less clearly shrieking and sometimes deeply growling or even clearly singing. Also the other instruments are in no way inferior to the vocals when it comes to eclecticism and mastery.

With all the eclecticism it could have easily happened that the album sounds messy but thanks to excellent songwriting and the high standard of the record all the way through, you get a very homogenous overall picture without any weak moments. Itīs an album that works especially when looked at as a whole. The production, for which, by the way, Phorgath of Enthroned was responsible, is absolutely high class and supports the diversity of the sound well. Maybe it couldīve been just a tiny bit better.

Thatīs, however, critique on a very high level. Another point of high level critique is that the whole thing is still missing a certain something to come off as a true masterpiece. And thus, itīs “only” a very good album. But things can always change. There is definitely potential and therefore you should check out A Place To Call My Unknown if you have the chance and also keep an eye on Cult of Erinyes.

01. Call No Truce
02. Insignificant
03. Island
04. A Thousand Torments
05. Permafrost
06. Velvet Oppression
07. Black Eyelids
08. Thou Art Not
09. Last Light Fading

Andreas Fuchs

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