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Titel / Title Like Puppets 
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Thrash-heavy power metal made in Germany. The guys of InfiNight, who have shaken up the metal scene in their southern German home for 10 years now, release with Like Puppets their second album. The band got very positive reviews for their debut Sea Of Knowledge from all sides. However, it quickly becomes clear that one has to have a certain preference for that particular kind of music. Especially the first two songs State Of War and Like Puppets are not a good choice to be the opening tracks because the album has way better tracks to offer.

Event though the rest of the album is a bit monotonous, it is a lot better than those two first songs. To put them at the very beginning of the album somehow wasnīt a very good idea as, after listening to them, I donīt really want to go on anymore but of course I do. Luckily, songs like Media Serpent and A Future Never Born and the ballad To All The Fallen Heroes have that certain wow factor – which also works with someone like me who isnīt really into either power metal or thrash. The melodic vocals accentuate here the rather quietly played instruments.

Martin Kleinīs voice, however, is not really my cup of tea. Even though it has a certain recognition value but, especially with the first two songs, there are many notes that sound a bit off. I have to admit that I donīt really like their music but Iīm sure there are people who will. With Like Puppets InfiNight will surely find a few new fans, especially among those who like thrash-heavy power metal anyway. A must have for all those who like daring compositions.

Sandy Mahrer

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