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Starfish Prime

Titel / Title The Architect Wants to Know 
Label FinestNoiseReleases 
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Hailing from Cologne, Starfish Prime present their debut album, on which you can find eight songs. However, the disc was already recorded back in summer 2010. The band made quite a splash on numerous gigs in relevant clubs in their home area, and their song “stop´n´go mantra” has been played by several radio stations. In 2009, they won a contest on Myspace and thus, became the “MySpace Featured Artist” of the music magazine Visions.

Actually, it´s hard to pigeonhole the band´s music because it is a mix of many different elements. It maybe can be best described like this: basic elements of rock, plus a psychedelic touch, a little bit of punk, driving riffs, modern grooves, spacey guitar sounds and emotional hooklines of singer Novakovics. In the sound, references to old Krautrock idols like Can, Grobschnitt and the more modern Mars Volta can be recognised, too. Sometimes during the spacey passages, you feel like being on Spaceship Orion or Enterprise. For my taste, it is a bit too modern but maybe it´s a good idea if you make up your own mind about the band. Just check out their stuff, maybe it is something for you.

Sandy Mahrer

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