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Titel / Title Becoming the Phoenix 
Label Riot Media 
Total run time
37 min 
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How much I love it when you can only find a few sentences of info about a band – especially, when you would like to know how many records they have already released and so on. Well, once in a while a review needs to be done without a lot of infos.

Soylvybe is not really a name that will stick to your brain and you probably wont remember it right away if you want to recommend the band to someone. Anyway, what you can remember easily is the band´s music after you have heard it only once.

Their album “Becoming the Phoenix” is, from beginning to the end, brimful of catchy songs. They, here and there, remind of Linkin Park but they also show off their very own characteristics. Indeed, the changes between clean and scremo vocals are quite well done and musically, you can´t find any faults but, especially during the first six songs, boredom creeps in all too quickly. What´s missing is some variety between the tracks and the vocals. “Non-Perfect” and “Yesterday´s Home” luckily provide some of that much desired variation.

The German band hailing from Regensburg already shared stages with colleagues like Cataract, Rage, Letzte Instanz and Haggard. Even though their sound doesn´t really fit to the sound of these bands, they should have won over one or the other new fan. And with “Becoming the Phoenix” their fanbase will surely grow a bit more. Those who like power-laden metal should check out SOYL-VY-BE now!

Sandy Mahrer

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