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I honestly have to say that I haven´t followed the band´s career for the last few years. When they started out, I actually thought they were pretty good, despite the fact that they fit just right into this typical teeny band concept. Their singles “Guardian Angel” and “Take a Shot” made it to the top of the Finnish charts. The last album “Pretend or Surrender” by the guys from Tampere was released in 2008, after which they successfully toured Europe.

The media sheet got me really interested about the band again. I was curious to find out whether the six guys are still on the same level as the last time I checked them out, which was in 2007. I can only say that I got positively surprised, not only the Lovex guys themselves also their music has evolved from a teeny band to an adult and mature rock band. Their style is still a very pleasant mixture of rock songs with pop elements but the songs of now are miles better then the old stuff. With catchy choruses and impressive melodies, which you won´t get out of your head anymore, the album is destined to be a success not only in Finland.

No matter whether musically or vocally, the guys have learned a lot and Theon knows exactly how to show his distinctive voice to advantage. An amazing and great record, on which almost all of the ten songs have hit potential. A must-have!

Videos to U.S.A and Slave For the Glory can be found here:

Sandy Mahrer

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