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Titel / Title Age of the Joker 
Label Nuclear Blast 
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After three years, it finally sees the light of day - the long-awaited ninth studio album from Edguy. It seems that everything Mr. Sammet does turns into a success story. No matter whether it´s with Edguy or Avantasia, success is simply guaranteed. After he, by his own account, played the last Avantasia show of all times at Wacken 2011, it is now time to concentrate on Edguy again.

And the record holds many surprises and also the usual humor, namely the art of being able to laugh about oneself, which is exactly what everybody loves about the guys. Already the opener song “Robin Hood” - a parody of the movie “The Adventures of Robin Hood” with Errol Flynn - is just full of Sammet´s black humor. The song is already available as a single and it comes with a video that will give your laughing muscles lots of exercise. Edguy in tights and German tv comedian Bernhard Hoecker as Maid Marian and in other roles. You can check out the video here:
But also the remaining record has its charms: variable, full of energy and with lots of devotion from Toby, Jens, Tobias, Dirk and Felix. The song “Breathe” reminds me right away of Jorn Lande´s “Sunset Station”, especially the chorus. “Rock of Cashel” shines with modernised medieval sounds and so it goes on throughout the whole record. One can always find new elements that make the album never sound boring. No matter if it´s Country, Folk or Blues, they stop at nothing even if it sounds crazy. But this is what makes Edguy Edguy, they do what they want, and in the end, they over and over again create albums full of simply brilliant songs.

Sandy Mahrer

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