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Titel / Title Sculpture 
Total run time
53:52 min 
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An unbelieveable talented project in districts of progressive rock with metal bonds and oriental spices - slightly reminiscent in parts of Orphaned Land - comes not from Arab countries, but from the land of kangaroos, koalas and Lisa Gerard. Especially the last one has indeed always shown her fascination for the oriental sides of music, too.

Already released in 2009, this remarkable and wonderful music has still not quite able to become noticeable in Europe. Despite the complexity, the sounds remain always harmonious. Although the musicians sometimes like to poach with angry growls in wilder grounds, but their strengths more effectively stay in the rather quiet parts of tuneful songs and in the exciting crossover from prog rock/metal with ethnic music. A journey through Oriental space and a flow of time down to the King Crimson nostalgia of the 70s.

The music has an epic generosity, and multiple influences find their place inside. And even - meanwhile heavy metal hits acoustic folk music, right after Death Metal bounces the opera - no confusion arises, and the album as a whole remains consistent. To rocking electric guitars mingle sitar and Indian chants. The expressions of the album are alternating and elaborated - silent poetry parts come together with highly enjoyed pathos. The participating musicians do their thing very well. "Sculpture" is a trip where you can lurk behind every moment a new experience.

Unbelievable, the project is meant here but also by the almost complete facelessness. Who's BaK? Has there ever been anything from BaK before? What is hidden behind the project? Even Google, the omnipotent machine of the information is sinking in here baseless disorientation.

The Stalker knows at least this: the fascinating and varied music has its source at two musicians from Sydney, Beau (guitar, bass, baglama) and Kit (drums, percussion, keyboards), who share their work at the album "Sculpture" with various guest musicians - including members of the symphony orchestra - as well as Indian and Eastern ethno-musicians. First as a mere studio project, they would like to realize the music as a major show on stage. It may take some time to join this live, but until then - check their grooves and travel over the oceans through Myspace or Facebook or at bandcamp, where you even could buy it, if you like:

01. The Search (02:39)
02. Why (03:45)
03. Canít Understand (07:45)
04. Not Just Your World (07:34)
05. Kali (03:38)
06. Pay (04:22)
07. Our Time (09:11)
08. Garuda (02:33)
09. Sands Of Time (05:40)
10. The Lament Of Curtain Von Schnauzer (06:42)

Andreas Torneberg

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