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Toby Hitchcock

Titel / Title Mercury´s Down 
Label Frontiers Records 
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Toby Hitchcock, known as the singer of Pride of Lions, uses the creative break of the band to produce his first solo album. “Mercury´s Down” shows once more what skills he really has. For years, he gets compared to big singers like Bobby Kimball (Toto) and Jimi Jamison (Survivor). It´s obvious that a great singer is nothing without a great composer, who was found in Erik Martensson (Eclipse). While Martensson was responsible for the production and the songwriting, Toby concentrated fully on putting all his heart´s blood and passion into the vocals and he has done an incredible job with it.

The listener can look forward to first class melodic rock songs including guitar riffs, which you wont forget in a hurry, and melodies that go straight under your skin. Songs I can really recommend are “Let Go”, ”Just Say Goodbye” and “A Different Drum”! What I personally sometimes miss is the dirt and the variety. Everything is sang quite the same way and the songs itself are really similar. Only “Tear Down the Barricades” sets itself apart from the rest but with this uptempo song the harmony between music and vocals is not really convincing. Therefore 7 points for this record.

Sandy Mahrer

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