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Titel / Title State of the Art 
Label Frontiers Records 
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In August, the guys at Frontiers Records treat melodic rock fans with quite a few new releases. Unbelievable, how many albums they put out this month and all of them are of such an awesome quality, too. Xorigin is no exception.

“State of the Art” is the band´s debut. The duo consists of singer Johannes Støle, also known as the vocalist of P:O:B, and Daniel Palmqvist, who made himself a name as a solo artist and as guitarist for The Murder of My Sweet. The two met each other during the time they attended the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles and already back then, they decided they want to work together – at that times still under the name Orange Crush. Now they have started their new project.

Xorigin have the potential to get straight to the heart of melodic rock fans. The two musicians hailing from Norway and Sweden mix melodic Hard Rock with modern elements and that is exactly what their sound is all about. Fresh sounds and variable songs structures accompany the listener throughout the whole record. However, there are also one or two songs where I would say,”Well, the record could´ve well done without them, too!” but the rest is all the better. So, bottom line, you should definitely listen to this and get carried away by the fresh breeze in the melodic rock genre.

Sandy Mahrer

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