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Bambix/Johnnie Rook (Split)

Titel / Title 3:15 am 
Label Major Label/SM-Musik 
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Two bands, the Bambix from the Netherlands and Johnnie Rook from Berlin, Germany resurrect that good old tradition of a īsplit albumī. Even though both bands have devoted themselves to melodic punk rock, they clearly have their very own styles. The Bambix prefer a more emotional approach to their sounds, while the songs of Johnnie Rook are full of energy. There are also differences with the choice of language: German with the Germans and English with the Dutch.

What links the two bands, however, is the girl power behind the microphone. Especially Franziska Jentzenīs (Johnnie Rook) trained voice is an instant īear turnerī. Back then, in the old days of punk, one was only qualified of becoming a front man/woman if one couldnīt carry a tune even if it had a handle on it. But, well, times change and thatīs a good thing (for once). Also talented musicians are allowed to play punk rock.

There are, however, not only three songs by each band, for Oneway Rover the two bands have come together. It was written by the guys from Johnnie Rook, optimised by the Bambix and finally, recorded by both. A great sing-along song about the shortcomings of life that marks the beginning of the following split-up.

However, after almost exactly 20 minutes, the fun is already over and, in that way, the two bands have reverted back to the old traditions of short and to-the-point songs.

Kathleen Gransalke

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