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Titel / Title Blood of the Saints 
Label Metalblade 
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While the last output of the friendly wolves, Bible of the Beast, did not get the resonance it should have gotten, the four guys give it a new try with their fourth album Blood of the Saints. It follows the way of the last album, when it comes to production, songwriting and spirit. Especially the production is superb, just like a great movie just for your ears. Apart from the opener Sanctified With Dynamite, the songs need a few more turns until they eventually and irreversibly nestle up to your auditory canals and stick to your brain for good. But this makes them even stronger, not weaker. Songs like We Drink Your Blood and Son of a Wolf show that Powerwolf have really improved their songwriting skills. Even if the content and spirit of the material has not changed, Attila, Matthew, Charles and Falk are able to put it to the next level. Strong!

Timo Pler

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