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Fading Circles

Titel / Title Cyper Whirlwind 
Label Nail Records (Hammer Music) 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Already Fading Circles´ home, Transylvania, and especially because they are a metal band, arouses attention and makes them interesting. In our lines of latitude, people still think or maybe even hope that somewhere there, in the Transylvanian mountains, there is a castle, in which ´Dracula´ lives. The band is also interesting for another reason - because you get to listen to a band from Romania very seldom.

Cyper Whirlwind is the second record of the band but the first that is released through an official label. By participating in numerous contests in Romania – they mainly made first or second place – the band snatched a record deal with Nail Records.

And thus, I´m dying to know what, musically, lies ahead of me. What I get to hear then is not really what I expected. Somehow I anticipated more brutal sounds but Fading Circles play soft metal with a progressive touch, like they say themselves. The clean vocals of Istvan Csiszér, however, fit nicely to the a bit ´ponderous´ songs.

All in all, the sound that the trio delivers is not bad but personally I miss that certain something in their songs. They have long, instrumental parts, which are all very well played but a little heavier tones every now and then wouldn´t have done any harm either. This also goes for the vocal parts. I would have just wished for a little bit more life in the songs – something that already works quite well with Elevating State.

The whole thing still sounds rather raw and flat but still, I have to say that Fading Circles are on the right track with their sound. Therefore: Stay on the ball and keep up the good work, guys!

Sandy Mahrer

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