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Titel / Title One Bullet Left 
Label AFM Records 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Mat Sinner has been part of the heavy metal scene, especially the one in Germany, for ages. No matter whether it´s with Primal Fear or Voodoo Circle, the dedicated bassist and singer has his finger in almost every pie. After three long years, finally there´s something new coming from his own band Sinner. “One Bullet Left” is the name of his new baby! Back on guitar is Alex Beyroth, who probably couldn´t resist recording another album with Mat after a short break. Furthermore, you can find on guitar two and three, Christof Leim and Tarja-guitarist Alex Scholpp. On drums, André Hilgers is giving his best.

While the first two songs “The one you left behind” and “Back on Trail” limp along a little bit and don´t really show the whole potential of the record, the following tracks just hit you in the face with all their power. Especially, the cover song of Steve Stevens “Atomic Playboys” is awesome in the Mat Sinner version. Therefore, I find it rather odd that “Back on Trail” was picked as the pre-release of the record because it´s the rest of the album that is ´the bomb´ and should get some rockers hearts´ beat faster. I, for one, am already looking forward to the upcoming European tour in October, when two of Mat Sinner´s bands, Voodoo Circle and Sinner, hit the road together. What more can you wish for this autumn!

Sandy Mahrer

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