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Titel / Title Sweet Sweet Rock`n`Roll (Limited Edition) 
Label Hyena Records 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Just recently and by coincidence, I discovered Caroline while they played a very cool acoustic gig in a bar. Speechless by amongst others the singing of fronter Tommy Gun, I had to order the Limited Edition of Caroline`s "Sweet Sweet Rock`n`Roll" right away. And what should I say? The EP lives up to its title even though it`s more "Rock`n`Roll" than "Sweetness"...

Already the guitar sound at the beginning of the opener "Afraid Of Heaven" would make even the gentlemen of ZZ Top tap their cowboy boots in a commendatory way. And as we already realised at the above mentioned acoustic gig, the voice of singer Tommy Gun sounds like he isn`t much younger than the gents Gibbons, Hill and Beard, and has consumed whiskey and cigarettes for decades to nourish his vocal chords. But to those who think that this is the ultimate recipe to get such a bluesy Rock`n`Roll voice: Hands off from cigarettes and alcohol, dear kids, `cause it only gives you lung cancer and liver diseases! And believe it or not: Tommy himself is just 22 years old so his remarkable voice couldnt have been caused by consuming stimulants for decades even though he actually sings so ("I wanna fly up to the sky - I wanna get high and drunk tonight"). But who wants to rock to lyrics about soy milk? Exactly!

Only one ballad ("That`s Life") can be found on the Limited Edition of the 5-Track-EP; the other four songs are true rockers whose titles like "Good Time Party" and "Rock`n`Roll Cliché" actually already reveal everything about the lyrical content. The latter contains lines like "Sex, Drugs and Rock`n`Roll - That`s what I`m dreaming of. It`s everyone`s dream. It`s something I will be" and "I ride bikes. I`ve got lots of money, lots of girls`n`cars". Simply, a "Rock`n`Roll Cliché". So the lyrics should be fun and so it is with the music, too. But Caroline is not only about fun and the perfect glam look: The band consists of very talented musicians, whose first priority is the music itself. So neither the sound nor the stage show offers any space for cheesiness à la Steel Panther or Reckless Love. It`s more about classic rock. And with Cheri there is even a founding member of the legendary Smack serving the bass. And if the legends of the aforementioned ZZ Top want to take their cowboy boots off some day, Caroline will make sure that the "Sweet Sweet Rock`n`Roll" will be kept alive also in the upcoming decades... Thanks to the Gods of Rock`n`Roll!

Stefanie Singh

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