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Diary of Dreams

Titel / Title Ego:X 
Label Accession-Records 
Total run time
60:13 min. 
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Once again the rocker of darkness present their nomen with a fitting omen - the diary of a dreamer is made Ego:X-centrifuged as a concept-oriented acoustic movie. An introductory monologue voice of the brooding protagonist, accompanied by sinister soundtrack-like tunes, may occur in particular listeners from Germany known: Martin Kessler - usually the synchronous throat in action films for actors like Vin Diesel and Nicolas Cage - gives the ego the desired morbid staging, which had its original birthplace inside the head of mastermind Adrian Hates.

The 10th studio album takes on the one hand the listener into a cosmos, which can be called familiar. There are no unexpected surprises that confirm the quality of Diary Of Dreams again, but a continuation of the development of a mature, but still not maxed way. On the other hand, the album moves with the concentration on the spoken word monologue together with the symbiosis of chanting vocals into captivating intensity. Silence, fear, loneliness and the struggle with it form the psychological subject. For the first time in the band's history is also a female singer performing a duet with Adrian - in the song "Push Me" Amelia Brightman offers her accents.

However, in the beginning the first two songs "Undividable" and "Lebenslang" have to be overcome, which are rather uninspired and insignificant. After this will spread out the carpet of melancholy, gentle sarcasm and emotion, and the ideas walk in harmonious, resonant landscapes in minor. It is striking that Adrian Hates has developed a certain methodology of vocal lines, which show little change. On the one hand, the new album looks very homogeneous and seamlessly follows the musical structures of previous works, on the other hand in the underground awakes the silent desire for a little more movement in the evolution of musical expression.

For those, who like the music of Diary Of Dreams is, the new album is a highly recommendable enrichment and shows again the spirit of a mastership. Those who are first time in this music, it is a good entrance to dive inside. And depending on your budget and taste, there are several editions to choose from.

01. Into X
02. Undividable
03. Lebenslang
04. Grey the blue
05. Element 1- Zeitgeist
06. Immerdar
07. Push Me
08. Echo in me (X-Version)
09. Splinter
10. Element 5: Resignation
11. Mein-Eid
12. Fateful Decoy
13. Weh-Mut
14. Out of X

Andreas Torneberg

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