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Sebastian Bach

Titel / Title Kicking & Screaming 
Label Frontiers Records 
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The release of his last record dates back to 2007 but no matter where he performs he literally rocks the boat. His colleagues describe him as one of the last real rock stars. And this reputation he, first of all, earned through his vocal excellence in Skid Row. It should be pretty clear by now that we talk about Sebastian Bach. A man surrounded by that certain something, who puts a sparkle in many ladies´ eyes and to men, he´s like a superhero. It´s unbelievable what impression this man makes on some people. Still, there wasn´t much news from him in the last few years – four years ago he released his last solo record called “Angel Down”. Now it is time to get back into the spotlight with a new solo record and that´s where “Kicking & Screaming” comes in.

Most of the songs on the new record are way heavier than the stuff Sebastian has done before. Already the title track “Kicking & Screaming” hits like a hammer and represents the record perfectly. But also the other songs like “As long as I got the music” and “Dance on your Grave” are impressive. And for the romantically inclined girls there are also some heartbreaking ballads like “I´m Alive” or “Wishing” on here. I think Sebastian Bach will have an easy job of winning back his fans´ hearts after that long break. Many of them surely already hope that a new record also means a new European tour. Once more, Sebastian Bach proves that he´s got music in his blood!

Sandy Mahrer

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