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Lava 303

Titel / Title The Goddess Rules 
Label Burg Herzberg/Edel 
Total run time
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Conni Maly alias „Lava 303“ already attracts my attention with the cover photo, on which you can see her in a flower field, with a guitar in her hand, a lizard mask on and a screaming orange wig on her head. Also in the booklet, the lady shows what she´s got, topless – in an attempt to make her voice heard louder?? Her German-English lyrics often deal with feminist-political theme but also with personal things. The music of Lava 303, as she describes it herself, is garage trance or acid rock’n’roll. That description fits pretty well - the songs have a lot of electro elements and get their very own sound through the e-guitar playing that Conni commands very well. Music-wise, there is not much to argue about except that there is some pretty crazy stuff on here. But lyric-wise, I hope that the lady isn´t taken too seriously because there are lyrics like “ Sex on the beach and Marihuana in Ex-Yugoslavia” or a couple of other German text parts. Do people nowadays don’t have better ideas? Anyway, music-wise you feel like you would be right back in the 60’s, if you just leave the trance elements out, where you had enough drugs inside your body to like music like this. No matter whether it´s lyrics or music, this is not my cup of tea but everybody has to decide for his/herself whether he/she would like to take a sip.

Sandy Mahrer

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