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Pans Park

Titel / Title Tage wie diese 
Label Busch Alternate Sound / Radar 
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”Tage wie diese“ (Days like these) is the second record of Pans Park. The band that came out of the band Aliencircle in 2008 delivers a little bit of a strange mixture. Alternative rock with German lyrics and indeed, I have to say that it is definitely something you need to get used to. Musically, the guys from Cologne, Germany are not bad, however, both the rock riffs and the drums are pretty much just of run-of-the-mill quality. Vocal-wise, singer Ralf Lorenzen-Klein opts for a certain form of sprechgesang, only with the choruses he recollects the traditional ways of singing. His rough voice sounds pretty cool here but, on the other hand, it sounds always a little bit the same, too. The same is true also for the vocal melodies that couldīve been a bit more varied.

Lyric-wise, the topics tackled are indeed relevant but still I think the guys couldīve gotten a bit more out of it, too. The whole concept of the band is very well thought-out and I am sure that they can find a few German-speaking rockers, who like their songs and will shout along when they sit in a bar with a bottle of beer in their hand. But for the general crowd, I think their music is not mature enough yet.

Sandy Mahrer

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