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Trompe Le Monde

Titel / Title All In 
Label Phénix Records 
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If you put the new record of Trompe Le Monde in your player and push the play button, the first song „More Temptations“ just jumps right at your face with a lot of groove. And that is also what you can expect from the rest of the second release “All In”. The band hailing from France delivers a sound that is somewhere between electro rock and indie and sometimes there is a pinch of punk, too. Additionally, the English lyrics sung with an adorable French accent is a very neat oddity of the band. The trio shares all vocal duties and this mixture of deep and high male vocals paired with the voice of Crazy–Lady Ruby-E provides an entertaining listening experience. The lyrics are a little bit provocative from “I wanna see you drunk!” over “A Gun just for fun” to “Old Guys don’t play Rock?” - so already the song titles make you sit up and take notice. The punk-influenced lyrics are furthermore underlined by the adventurous sound experiments. Indeed, here and there, things could´ve been done better but all in all, the music of Trompe Le Monde is definitely something for those people, who like difficult topics wrapped in a joyful song.

Sandy Mahrer

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