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Titel / Title Cryoshell 
Label VME / Soulfood  
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Gee! Sometimes you don´t see the gems in front of your own house door. CRYOSHELL are from Denmark but you immediately think of Stockholm or some other place on the other side of Scandinavia when you´re listening to this album! On this debut album, the band plays rock radio-friendly epic symphonic rock with a big pose. Thereby, the band manages the split between “catchy enough” and “never too shallow” easily. Tracks like “Closer To The Truth” or “Don´t Wake The Demons” are really heavy. Songs like the opener “Out Of Reach” or “Falling” could´ve come out of the GUANO APES drawer. The Danish can be happy to have a singer like Christine Lorentzen, who can switch her voice effortlessly from chewinggum-jazzy to crooner-heavy. My recommendation is “Creeping In My Soul”. Listen to it, NOW!

Markus Seibel, transl. Tatjana Ziegler

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