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Bob Malmström

Titel / Title Tala Svenska Eller Dö 
Label Spinefarm Records 
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The yacht club has been rented, the champagne is cold. Everything´s ready for Bob Malmström, who, with their debut album Tala Svenska Eller Dö (Speak Swedish or Die), want to put an end to the anarchistic misery that has prevailed in the punk business for far too long. Thus, they write on the band website, “The band was founded as a reaction against the standard, worn out ´against the system´ leftist punk mentality”.

So, what´s their action plan? Well, first one needs, of course, some cool propaganda like: “Bob Malmström is about change, a change for the better. A change for a bourgeois tomorrow that smiles upon all who have a reason to smile. Let´s make money! Let´s celebrate! Let´s Bob Malmström!”. And secondly, there are the song lyrics, all in Swedish that goes without saying. And so, they sing on Eliten: “It´s beautiful to be a part of the Elite, the cream of the crop. Maybe a little Château Petrus with the Saimaa ringed seal for lunch, then off to Brunei with our private jets to cash in on our businesses. High class women, Dom Perignon, Swarowski, this is how we roll. We are better than you. We have money.“

You can´t accuse these “True Swedish Finns” of a lack of fantasy, now can you? Also, with defining their musical genre, the four gentlemen revealed creativity – borgacore is the name of their game. Just meaning it´s a wild mix of punk, hardcore (old and newschool) and traditional metal that is in no way inferior to the compositions of the punk mob from lower social classes.

So, those of you who feel like they have a higher calling, can take one or the other joke and do not want to fuck the system all the time, should treat themselves to the Malmström quartet. On that note, skål!

Kathleen Gransalke

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