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Titel / Title Hell Over Sofia (Live-CD) 
Label Nuclear Blast 
Total run time
Vö/Release21 Oct 2011 
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First and foremost it must be said that I only received the audio version from „Hell over Sofia“; thus I can only talk about the sound and set list as there is no new material. Last year Hypocrisy recorded the concert while on tour in Sofia, Bulgaria -as the name indicates. The atmosphere at the location must have been brilliant. When you close your eyes and listen, you get a bit of the feeling of being in the concert. The set list leaves no room for complaints as almost all of the hits are within the over 80 minute record. Quality-wise the live album –which is the second from the band- is great. For a live album, this is a bit too round, which points in the direction of extra post-production. But whatever.
For a free download of the song Roswell 47, go here:
There will be a DVD as well as Blue-Ray and there will be a over 90-minute documentation of the band –I, however, can not say anything about that. Whoever wants to complete their record collection of the Swedish Metal old-timers, should get the DVD. The points are only for the audio-CD.

Here are the songs of the Live Album:

01. Valley Of The Damned 5:41
02. Hang Him High 4:33
03. Fractured Millennium 5:29
04. Adjusting The Sun 5:55
05. Eraser 4:45
06. Pleasure Of Molestation 2:45
07. Osculum Obcenum 2:53
08. Penetralia 1:43
09. Apocalypse 4:27
10. Fourth Dimension 5:12
11. Killing Art 3:13
12. A Coming Race 5:39
13. Let The Knife Do The Talking 4:45
14. Weed Out The Weak 4:26
15. Fire In The Sky 7:37
16. The Final Chapter 5:39
17. Warpath 4:29
18. Roswell 47 6:26

(translation: Ozzy Aikas)

Samira Alinto

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